“It showed me different ways to view problems that have occurred and problems that can occur.”

Robert Zelniker

“This workshop helped me realize why I really am here. There was a general idea but once our focus was on one purpose, realizing what was wrong and what needs to be done to achieve this goal we are now aware of, things can progress at a much quicker rate. This also allowed the officers to see how we all serve each other in the group in achieving this goal.”

Vince Smolczynski

“This gave me a completely new perspective on the aspect of being a good leader.”

Craig G. Koestler

“Hello Chris I just want to say THANK YOU for all your inspiring sharing in the raw food course in Ubud! For me your lectures were not just knowledge about nutrition etc, but psychological transformation! You gave me strong feeling of confidence and showed that only we can choose attitude and reactions to any situations (whether take it hard and serious or make it easy and fun!). You are an example of someone who choose to be free from a lot of stereotypes that society puts on us. Thank you for all this! I’m glad that I met you and you were my teacher in Bali! To say truthfully, the raw food course without you it wouldn’t be such cool at all! I wish you all the best! And I’m waiting your new book “Shut Up and Shine” I can’t wait to order and read it!”

Kira Trussova, Almaty, Kazakhstan

“I feel like this workshop took me out of the boring ‘these are the characteristics of a good leader’ seminars and into a real life situation affecting me and my organization. Specially rendered to my organization, it showed me what our ultimate goal is and how to achieve it. It taught me to deal with the unfortunate aspect of confrontation, and how to look past the negative remarks of the few rebels into the future we plan to have! This interactive, constructive meeting pushed our organization in the direction we want!”

Alyssa Bukowski

“Chris’ workshop is just what our organization needed to get us back on the right track!”

Jonathan Dowens

“I thought it was awesome and I left this workshop w/ a lot of amazing pointers – I can’t wait to try some out!”

Maureen Ewan

“A great speaker. He inspired me to follow his simple structure of being and effective leader. A great plan for dealing with organizational obstacles.”

Greg D. Friedrich

“I am going home with a new found strength to be a better leader. I now feel focused and ready to attack the goals we have set.”

Daniel Oldham

“I have attended many leadership workshops before, but this was the first one that was tailored to my organization and its purposes… I would recommend this workshop to everyone!”

Kristin W

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