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Bring 3 Clients/Friends and you come FREE!

Be an Affiliate

Imagine the transformation we can create together on this planet if more people started cleansing as a life practice! Become an affiliate or a full-on health ambassador! Join us in TULUM, Mexico (Near Cancun) from Feb 21st to 27th, 2015 for a 7 – Day Whole Person Empowerment Retreat with my beautiful and multi-talented ladies Elaina Love, Sirena Sastre, Erika Henson & Aiesha Libelula.

As an ambassador to this course, you will become part of the staff team. You can help out as you choose, and you may teach one of the evening programs if that’s something that interests you. We encourage you to leverage your connection with us to help promote your own skills and offerings to others.

How it works

AFFILIATE: Tell people about the program.
The FACEBOOK event is here:

AMBASSADOR: Bring 3 or more people to this course along with yourself.

Help us promote this 7 Day – Whole Person Empowerment Retreat! We will either pay you $300 for each sign-up you send our way, or credit you $500 toward your own course fee.

Here is the link: 7 Day – Whole Person Empowerment Retreat

So, for example, if 5 people from your list sign-up, you would get a free retreat + $600 towards your lodging expenses.

We think this is a fabulous way to reboot your health! Participate in a cleanse while gaining an in-depth knowledge about cleansing.

We will track your referrals by asking each participant how they found out about the program.  When they sign-up on our website, we ask: “Who can we thank for referring you?”

Some people are generic on their answer, ie, they will say, “facebook” or “internet”, so we make a very complete effort to find out exactly “who’s facebook” or “where on the internet”.

When someone first connects with us, this is what we clarify (if it isn’t clear on the form). This is because we choose to know how effectie our marketing efforts are. The way we see it, everyone is referred by someone, so its important for to know exactly how they discovered us.

We have had hundreds of students attend many differnt courses, and we have always been able to determine who the referral person is.

Any Questions?? contact Sirena Sastre.

Chris Whitcoe

Elaina Love

Sirena Sastre

Erika Henson

Aiesha Libelula