LIVE Stream Epic Cellular Detox Cleanse / Liver Flush

From your home!ClassLiveStream

If you are unable to take the time away from home to partake in a Costa Rica detox vacation, you may still do the cleanse with us and get all of the classes via internet live streaming video!

We will show all of our classes live, and you can either view them in real time, or watch the recording later so you don’t miss anything.

Learn all the topics that we will be covering on site in Costa Rica.

June 14 – 20th, 2014
Investment: $397 for 7 full days

 Includes all the lectures, daily check in and Q&A. You will be able to call in and ask questions. You will learn everything you need to know and MORE!

Does not include the supplies you may need to pick up for the cleanse. These include:

  1. Skin Brush
  2. Enzymes
  3. OxyOxc supplements
  4. Castor Oil
  5. Organic Cotton Flannel
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Breakstone Tea
  8. Malic acid
  9. enema bag/bucket
  10. nut milk bag (if you don’t have a blender)

Please email or call ahead to order what you may not be able to get locally.