I am happy to give a workshop on one of the diverse topics below covering the fields of health and conscious living.

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“Super Health Secrets: Never be Sick Again!”

How to activate your lymphatic system to boost your immunity. Includes a 5 minute workout that will dramatically improve your level of fitness. We’ll shine a bright light on the M.A.P. (Movement, Attitude, & Purification) to Wellness, how you can use it to shift towards excellent health, and how you can reverse most common diseases; offering a path to inner peace and emotional freedom!

“Using Conscious Language to Create Reality & Empower your goals”

Are YOU Your Own Biggest Obstacle?

Its time to Shut-Up and Shine! Most people are. Is it time to create a new outcome? Although victimhood is a seductive path, you can learn to choose a new one through Conscious Language. 1. Use language to bypass the difficulty of changing your habitual negative thinking.

  1. Identify your #1 oppressor: YOU.
  2. Learn the specific techniques to help you release your own self sabotage.
  3. Restructure your beliefs by shifting unconscious thought patterns.
  4. Upgrade your mind immediately.

Our culture has embedded patterns within our language that keep us psychologically held back from our true potential. Using Conscious Language, you can intentionally create your highest outcome in life. This will affect your business, your relationships and most of all, your overall happiness with your life.

“Secrets for Advanced Cleansing and Detox”

Do you know the difference between cleansing and Detox? Learn how to give your Liver and Gallbladder a good rinse. Bowl movements. 3 Stages of Cleansing. How the Lymphatic System works and why Doctors don’t know about it

“Balancing your Divine Masculine and Feminine”

Each of us is a unique blend of masculine and feminine energy. The beauty of our modern society is that we are able to criss cross those previously held boundaries easier than previous generations. The challenge is in maintaining the balance of our masculinity and femininity in our relationships and career. In this presentation we’ll explore what is divine masculine and feminine energy, and how to cultivate each one to help us create more harmony and balance.

“Spiritual Nutrition”

How does your food affect your connection with source? For thousands of years, Ayurvedic wisdom has taught the essence of the “yogic path.” In this presentation, we will explore the subtle nature of food and the body, and how they are interrelated on a higher plane.

We will also look at various religions and discover what they have to say about how we are directed to eat. Does the God of the old testament have anything specific to say about what our diet should look like? What about Jesus Christ? Buddha? This we shall discover.

Ultimately, food serves different purposes along a continuous spectrum. We will examine each end of the spectrum, and help identify where we are and where we are choosing to go.

“Ayurvedic Doshas”

How can you use the ancient science found in the vedas and TIM (Traditional Indian Medicine) to keep your body and mind balance? Learn about the 5 elemental energies and how the combine to form the 7 dosha types:

  1. Vata
  2. Pitta
  3. Kapha
  4. Vata/Pitta
  5. Pitta/Kapha
  6. Vata/Kapha
  7. Tri-doshic (Vata/Pitta/Kapha)

Perhaps most importantly, discover exactly how can you choose foods holistically to support and balance these energies from your own individual body/mind/emotional perspective.

“Tantric Nutrition”

Relationships and nutrition are the basis of daily life for many people. They are very connected and intertwine in many ways, very often without notice. Creating healthy relationships

with our bodies as well as with our loved ones and business associates is essential to happiness, health, and success. When we make mistakes in relationships it can cause several years of frustration in our lives and much suffering in families, along with inner feelings of failure. The same is true in our relationship to diet, nutrition, and food. Lack of nourishing relationships can cause emotional eating. Lack of proper nutrition for our individual health needs can create dis-ease in our emotional lives and psychological states, subtly disrupting our relationships over time.There is no need for these very common stressors in our society. Understanding ancient knowledge of individual dietary recommendations along with modern scientific studies enables people to find youthfulness and health. Deep understanding of nurturing relationships and psychology helps awaken passionate, creative, and successful relationships. The balanced interplay of nourishing food and relationships benefits every aspect of life.

“Conscious Business”

How can you use your unique gifts, in cooperation with other people and with sustainable use of the abundant resources of this planet, to create a business that, in some way, makes a difference in the world? What are the new rules for corporation that help them look at the “triple” bottom line. What is it that TRULY motivates employees? We will examine the template used by Chris when he was CEO of Pure Superfoods for Life 

“Nature’s Top 10 Nutrients”

Staying healthy is a choice, but only if we truly understand our options. Why are certain nutrients more important than others, and what is the implications for our overall health? Optimum health for you may simply be getting grounded on the fundamentals of health and food.

“What is the Wellness Revolution?”

Believe it. We are on the cusp of a new way of looking at health. Actually, its not new, but a synthesis the most ancient and proven concepts for health coupled with research from areas of science that are not politically entrenched with the current, mainstream allopathic “health-care” model.

“Eat Fat, Get Thin”

Find out the truth about fat and nutrition. Forget all the fad diets that don’t work. There is a reason why they don’t, and why high quality fat is one of the most important things you can eat to improve your health.

“Raw Organic Chocolate Party”

Everything you never knew about the magical properties of pure, unprocessed chocolate.

“Green for life”

How to increase energy with less sleep. Did you ever wonder how the most muscular animals on the planet obtain their strength? Find out why everything you have ever heard about protein and calcium is wrong.

“Raw Food Preparation Class”

Are you new to the live food diet? Would you like to learn how to create some simple recipes that are fantastically healthy for your body? Learn what the raw food diet can do for you and how easy it is to incorporate it into your life.

Other Talks:

  1. The “Wellness” model vs. mainstream medical care
  2. Nutrition and sufficiency
  3. Physical Purification through Nutrition
  4. Sugar and Carbohydrates
  5. What are Superfoods and how do they effect your body
  6. Individualizing your diet to support your body type
  7. Metabolic energy
  8. Acid-Alkaline balance
  9. Fasting and Cleansing
  10. Enzymes
  11. Protein: Myths vs Facts
  12. Fat: Myths vs Facts
  13. Hands on: Build a protein
  14. The power of Language
  15. Movement and Exercise
  16. Food Energy and the mind-body-spirit connection
  17. Secrets of the Lymphatic System
  18. Ayurveda and Live Foods
  19. Understanding Vata, Pitta and Kapha needs
  20. Conscious Language
  21. Longevity Secrets
  22. Generational Degeneration with Processed foods

Short Bio:

Chris is passionate about the awakening of consciousness, raw food nutrition and the emergence of Corporate America as a vehicle for global change.  He is the co-owner of…taking raw cheffing to a level that has never been taught before. He certifies students in the science of Cellular Detox. He has been doing Yoga for over a decade. Nourish your Cells deeply and Empower your beliefs with expanded knowledge through Chris’ dynamic and humorous talks. Chris has a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition and is a Certified Lymphologist.

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