Keynote Speaker

My journey to radiant health is served as a corporate motivational speaker, health food advocate, business consultant, personal coach, and father of 3.

I began leading executive workshops in 1995, and over the years have developed a unique system which has been distilled from experience and inner wisdom.

I began my career by joining the military in 1986, eventually working on computer systems for the F16 and Stealth Fighters, and I am a veteran of the 1st Gulf War. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, with minors in Computer Science and Mathematics.

I started my first business in 1988, and have started and partnered in over 20 companies since. I have led various boards, and I’m adept at the artful use of Parliamentary Procedure.

However, with financial success came a deep realization that there was something missing which is much more important than material wealth. This opened up a whole NEW world of growth and opportunity. I began investigating the basics of health and happiness within myself. I sold everything I owned and moved to the south west, looking for answers in a sort of modern vision quest.

The result is a better understanding of business “success” as a part of a more encompassing and enlightened life. I am continuously using and incorporating holistic approaches to traditionally mundane aspects of corporate consulting.

My approach to corporate team building and leadership development for business derives from a greater understanding of the individual’s personal journey, and the relationship and balance of dynamics in the organization as a whole.

The results are phenomenal, as attested by the many executives and managers whom I have guided, inspired and helped get *unstuck* from their own situations.