Holistic Health Educator

Advanced lectures and workshops. These include:

  1. The “Wellness” model vs. main-stream medical care
  2. Nutrition and sufficiency
  3. Physical Purification through Nutrition
  4. Sugar and Carbohydrates
  5. What are Superfoods and how do they effect your body
  6. Individualizing your diet to support your body type
  7. Metabolic energy
  8. Acid-Alkaline balance
  9. Fasting and Cleansing
  10. Enzymes
  11. Protein: Myths vs Facts
  12. Fat: Myths vs Facts
  13. Hands on: Build a protein
  14. The power of Language
  15. Movement and Exercise
  16. Food Energy and the mind-body-spirit connection
  17. Secrets of the Lymphatic System
  18. Ayurveda and Live Foods
  19. Understanding Vata, Pitta and Kapha needs
  20. Conscious Language
  21. Longevity Secrets
  22. Generational Degeneration with Processed foods