Yet another study (Jun 24, 2013 by shows the link between Fructose and liver damage.

Dietary Fructose Causes Liver Damage, Primate Study Finds.

Interesting observation from the article:

“In the high-fructose group, the team found that the type of intestinal bacteria hadn’t changed, but that they were migrating to the liver more rapidly and causing damage there. It appears that something about the high fructose levels was causing the intestines to be less protective than normal, and consequently allowing the bacteria to leak out at a 30 percent higher rate.”

Fructose & Fatty Liver

Fructose & Fatty Liver

I love the whole “allowing the bacteria to leak out” thing. What if the reason they were “migrating to the liver” had something to do with the environment of the liver? Perhaps the environment of a fatty liver is simply more conducive to this bacteria? This is another example of how we bias our interpretations based on our perceived context within how the world works. I believe in a holistic, natural model, whereas the doctor in this study is assuming a “system malfunction” within the intestines.


Four years ago, Dr. Lustig linked the obesity epidemic in America to the over consumption of fructose and carbohydrates and his amazing video Sugar: the Bitter Truth.

Here are a few ideas to understand:

  1. Glucose-sugar can be utilized by every cell in the body.
  2. Fructose-sugar can only be broken down in the liver.
  3. Refined processed sugar is 50 percent Glucose and 50 percent Fructose.
  4. Excess Fructose is linked to leptin resistance.
  5. Leptin helps our mind know when our body is finished eating.
  6. Leptin resistance makes our body store carbs as fat instead of utilize it for energy.
  7. HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is not that much “worse” than sugar (which helps point out how bad refined sugar is)