As a regular shopper at Trader Joes, I am seeing a greater shift toward cage free eggs. This article at NPR has some interesting moments I would like to point out.

Most egg buyers (93%) don’t care, at least not enough to pay more money for cage free eggs. But the trend is growing.

[T]he industry… is responding to “the perception that cage-free is a better product than eggs from a conventional cage house.”

“Do you believe that?” I ask.

… “From a nutrition standpoint, the egg is the same,” he says.

Is it really the same?

Looking at the photo’s, the chickens in the cages don’t look to happy. I talked to a friend of mine who raises chickens, and he told me that chickens loose their feathers when they are stressed. Living an entire life inside a small cage seems like a formula for stress, sickness and disease.

How can the egg from a stressed out, sick and disease-prone chicken be “NUTRITIONALLY IDENTICAL” to a healthy chicken that gets exercise?

The farmer in the article goes on to say…”You also get to see chickens acting more like chickens, dust-bathing or perching on long metal rods up near the ceiling.”

I feel as human beings part of our role is to be good stewards of the creatures that depend on us for survival. Even animals doomed to the slaughterhouse deserve to have a pain free and relatively stress free life.

The fact that this farmer’s cage free business is growing 10-12% per year is a very good trend.