Conscious individuals transform organizations. Period.

Patricia Aburdene, Megatrends 2010



The authenticity of the ideology and the extent to which a company attains consistent alignment with the ideology counts more than the content of the ideology.

-James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porra, Built to Last


As we transform ourselves through levels consciousness, we also transform our environment. The heart of the conscious business is the mission.

In the book, Built to Last, James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras research and analyze the deep reasons behind American long-term corporate success. What seems to distinguish exceptional companies is that they “have been generally more ideologically driven and less purely profit-driven than the comparison companies.”(1) Ideology, according to the book, is a combination of the following 2 factors:

  • Core Values = essential, enduring guiding principles. Never compromised for financial gain.
  • Purpose = fundament reason for existence beyond money.

For a business to be conscious, the leaders and the entire team are aligned with their mission, which is the ultimate stimulus for all actions. The next part is understanding the effects of these actions within the organization (employees), outside of the organization (customers, vendors), and ultimately the planet.