Chris is an entrepreneur who believes in business as a path to self-empowerment and transformation. An energetic and compelling speaker, Chris teaches workshops and provides coaching on leadership and healthy living.

After serving as an F117A Stealth Fighter computer systems specialist in the Gulf War, Chris studied electrical engineering and pursued a career as an enterprise solutions consultant in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors. The loss of both parents to heart disease and cancer led him to begin a journey toward healthy and conscious living.

Chris Whitcoe is passionate about the awakening of consciousness, raw food nutrition and the emergence of Corporate America as a vehicle for global change. In service to this overarching holistic vision he has created a diversified life in which he integrates his passions with the largest impact possible.

Chris co-founded two gourmet raw food companies: Vivapura, for which he also served as CEO, and Pure Joy Academy, a unique, raw culinary arts academy. His most recent entrepreneurial effort is Intelligent Coach, a cloud-based, learning management system designed to leverage educational content for coaches.

Chris has a B.S., Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware, with minors in computer science, math, and French literature.

In 2005, Chris took a hiatus from a successful corporate life to fully embrace his love for the raw food/consciousness movement by pursuing a Masters Degree in Live Food Nutrition under Gabriel Cousens, M.D. at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Chris also dedicates his abundant raw energy and expertise as an advanced software engineer to Corporate Consulting, LLC, his company dedicated to creating advanced technical solutions and premier internet presence for his clients. He enjoys yoga, hiking, composing music, and creating delicious masterpieces in the kitchen. Ultimately, Chris’s greatest role is as a father to 3 vibrant children who truly understand the value of living foods and spiritual awareness.