I love when I hear people refer to themselves as a “Foodie”. I think its supposed to mean that a person considers them-self a gourmet or a connoisseur of fine food. Everyone’s getting into it, and now, EVEN MONSANTO (ooooohhhhh)!

I definitely consider myself a “foodie” (I prefer that term to “food nazi”). For me, it means I strive to consume the “best” food available at any given moment.

I prefer fresh, organic, local produce. Aside from the health benefits, I like the taste. And as a self proclaimed “foodie,” I choose eating high quality foods as the ultimate formula for deliciousness.

Sometimes when I see what people are actually eating, I wonder to myself “do they mean foodie… or food addict?” Because I feel a true foodie would be more likely to avoid “conventional” or factory farm food, and consume fresh, organic, local.

Ironically, Monsanto is also getting in on the trend. I think its a shift for he better…

Wired – Monsanto Is Going Organic in a Quest for the Perfect Veggie