5 Disc DVD

Holistic Nutrition Course The Science Behind the Wellness Paradigm DVD titles: Welcome to the Wellness Revolution Individualizing your Diet Sugar and Carbohydrates Energy for…
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Keynote Speaker Chris Whitcoe

My journey to radiant health is served as a corporate motivational speaker, health food advocate, business consultant, personal coach, and father of 3. I began leading executive…
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Holistic Health Educator Nourish Your Mission

Advanced lectures and workshops. These include: The “Wellness” model vs. main-stream medical care Nutrition and sufficiency Physical Purification through Nutrition Sugar and…
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Conscious Business

Stay authentic in your career and work

Holistic Nutrition

Advanced lectures and workshops

Language Dexterity

Use your words to support your goals in life

Robert Zelniker Says:

“It showed me different ways to view problems that have occurred and problems that can occur.”
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Craig G. Koestler Says:

“This gave me a completely new perspective on the aspect of being a good leader.”
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Jonathan Dowens Says:

“Chris’ workshop is just what our organization needed to get us back on the right track!”
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Support your life mission

Sometimes we feel really great about where we are in life, and sometimes we feel stuck. These are normal feelings. Regardless of where you are in your personal journey, there is one thing that can truly support you, your goals, and your life: Having an optimally...
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Quick Green Juice Cleanse Demo

Cleansing Green Juice a quick demo showing how I make a green juice in about 6 minutes
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Are you a “Foodie” ? Monsanto hopes so.

I love when I hear people refer to themselves as a "Foodie". I think its supposed to mean that a person considers them-self a gourmet or a connoisseur of fine food. Everyone's getting into it, and now, EVEN MONSANTO (ooooohhhhh)! I definitely consider myself a...
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Disconnect between Liver Disease and Sugar

The Wall Street Journal had an article 2 days ago, Fatty Liver Disease: More Prevalent in Children. We know that Fatty Liver Disease is growing like an epidemic. Its currently the 3rd leading cause of liver transplants, and is predicted to eventually be #1. 100 years...
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If Forbes is Frightened by the FDA…

  I am convinced that the revolving door between FDA and the Pharmaceutical industry is a conflict of interest. So much so that it is of note that conservative online magazine Forbes has an article titled: A Drug Recall That Should Frighten Us All About The FDA...
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Latest Study on Fructose

Yet another study (Jun 24, 2013 by Sci-News.com) shows the link between Fructose and liver damage. Dietary Fructose Causes Liver Damage, Primate Study Finds. Interesting observation from the article: “In the high-fructose group, the team found that the type of...
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Conscious Consumerism Makes a Difference for some Chickens

As a regular shopper at Trader Joes, I am seeing a greater shift toward cage free eggs. This article at NPR has some interesting moments I would like to point out. Most egg buyers (93%) don't care, at least not enough to pay more money for cage free eggs. But the...
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Why I don’t “take” vitamins

Do you take vitamins? Do you ever wonder if they are actually DOING anything?? I know, I know... many people out there swear by their effects, and I also know that it totally depends on the kind of vitamins you are taking. I used to take them every day. I believed, as...
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Do you prefer a healthy human body, or a

Do you prefer a healthy human body, or a "human LIKE" body? What else can result from eating "FOOD LIKE PRODUCTS" ? (cancer is human-like)
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Having tried different forms of fasting

Having tried different forms of fasting over the past 9 years, I am really happy that mainstream news is mentioning this http://ow.ly/h8KAn
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